My Monster Within

Sally tells me that the first book she ever made in this eight book series was based on a conversation we had when I was around 7 years old. I was being a very, very bad student in the class.. not listening, talking back to her, joking and shouting and Sally had done everything she could do to try to bring me under control but nothing was working. Finally, as a last resort, she decided to ask me why. “Why are you being so naughty?’'

This really struck me and made me think. This one thing she said just opened my mind and I told her I did really want to behave but it felt like there was a monster inside me trying to get out and I couldn’t control it… So together we decided to welcome the monster instead of trying to chase him away and funnily enough, after that, the monster didn’t come back so often and I slowly, became a quite-ok boy.

I really think all of you young kids should read these books, I’m sure they’re worth reading and will help you in times of hardship. Through them you may even discover some kind of new life. I’m surprised that such a bad start (my naughtiness) could lead to such a great result (these books)! And I hope that as people read them again and again, the benefit of my naughtiness will just increase and increase!"

- Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche (Bhutan)