What Inspires Your Life?

My Dear Friend,

I am writing to you from Paris on my birthday week, having brought myself here to quite honestly, spoil myself a little, to fill my cup with all the sweetness and beauty of this special place that never fails to inspire me.

We’re constantly in a process of reinvention, especially as women, if we are determined to live an awakened life in conscious pursuit of what we love, each day gives us the opportunity to achieve greatness.

This week in particular I find myself in the thralls of that process, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new.

Spirituality for me means nothing more than setting aside a little quiet time to connect with my inner self, honoring the reflective aspect we each have inside, that which listens to what makes us tick and pays attention to it.  It’s purely undenominational, has zero do to with religion and all to do with being grateful.

I’m reminded of a quote a friend recently posted on Facebook which I love: ” The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect, it’s because I’m grateful for what I have, and for what God has blessed me with. ”

This perfectly sums up how I feel in this moment. Does it resonate with you as well?  If we shy away from the word spiritual, we might instead use the word, “resonance.”

Resonance for example is the reason I’m writing to you in this format right now. For the longest time, I have shied away from posting my inner most thoughts on the chalkboard of life.  It felt vain, presumptive, like ‘ who am I ‘ to spurt out what I think about things and assume someone gives a ‘S’,  but I realize now that it’s part of being in the big conversation of it all.

THE SAUCE with our company postings about books, events and spirituality for kids will still continue, and now, for six months I’ll add something more uniquely personal. It’s an experiment like all of life, so if you like my musings, please post a comment and I’ll continue to write. It’s good to know that someone’s reading!!

Many of you out there who will have glanced this over I know are full of insight, so please share your wisdom and inspiration and let this become an extended forum for how we can support each other in consciously creating the lives that we love.

I’ll be sharing with you under my pseudonym (a.k.a) Chocolate Sauce not because it is playful and goofy, which I am , but because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of surrendering the ego-fueled self and reconnecting to our inner source ‘ sauce ‘ of love, lightand wisdom.

Soon I’ll be heading back to my tiny Swan Cave in New York City, back to groceries and laundry and the humdrum of how to get ahead and stay gentle and kind in a city that doesn’t honor the sensitive and the subtle.

Beauty and the Spirit are closely linked, and whether or not the dream is fully realized, there are many beautiful elements in my life that, if I live with present awareness, will reveal themselves to me.

One in particular I’m experiencing in this moment is the fabulously, fun loving and supportive nature of my girlfriends.  I’m filled with such gratitude every morning to have such amazing women in my life.

There is beauty in the big and small things that we take for granted and taking time to savor our own inner being will help us live with an increased appreciation for the richness and joy that exists in our every day.

The surest way to get what we want is to be grateful for what we have.

Wishing you all the positive energy, inspiration and intuition that you need to manifest whatever it is you want to create with your life in 2013!!

And kickstart your life in the direction of your Dreams…