His Holiness the Dalai Lama Endorses NOW I KNOW


Geshe Langri Thangpa (1054 - 1123 CE) was a Buddist master famous in Tibet for his “Eight Verses of Mind Training”. He originally wrote them down for his own personal use, but they have later become and invaluable guide for many other practitioners down the centuries. The proof of their worth is that these practical instructions on how to make oneself and others happy in everyday situations are just irrelevant, for both adults and children, as they were nearly 1,000 years ago. This I can say from my own experiences, for I myself was introduced to them when I was a young boy and have recited them every day since then. When I meet with difficult circumstances, I reflect on their meaning and I find it helpful.

Sally teaches English in Bhutan to the young reincarnation of a lama who was one of my own esteemed teachers, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. She was inspired by the verses of Langri Thangpa to create these colorful storybooks, initially to entertain her young student. Later, she realized that they might provide a way to introduce some of the longstanding values that we Tibetans hold dear to children elsewhere in the world today. 

If we are to ensure a peaceful future for our world, I believe that it is important that we foster positive values like compassion, kindness, and love in our children’s minds from an early age. Certainly books like these can help us do that. Each of these stories shows the young reader a different way to secure happiness, whether it is by recognizing anger when it arises, being aware of how our every action has an effect on others, or looking beyond our first impressions of people we meet. 

I congratulate Sally on her efforts and hope that these charming books have the edifying result she intended. I am sure they will delight readers young and old.

March 25, 2013

Introducing the Now I Know Series of eBooks - from gentlevoice.org

Sally Devorsine is a young mum who many of us have met during our wanderings in India and Bhutan. Sally had the great goodfortune to have been the English teacher to Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche when Rinpoche was a young boy.

I meet Sally, her husband Yann and little daughter Anwen in Tashiding. They had just completed the Indian leg of the world wide visit by Yangsi Khyentse Rinpoche. Their display as an authentic young Dharma family is inspiring and we can all look forward to seeing Anwen grow into someone who will help bring the Dharma to others just as her mother Sally has done. They are now back in Bhutan , playing , painting and awaiting the spring.

The ” Now I Know “ series is a unique and vibrant group of books for children written and illustrated by Sally and they have been endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Matthieu Ricard .

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Dealing With The Inner Monster: A Book Review

Dealing With The Inner Monster: A Book Review

Itʼs nice when I get contacted and asked if I could review a book. I like free books. I do make sure to let them know that if I think itʼs garbage, then I wonʼt write a review about it and will happily mail it back to them so they can ship it off to somebody else. But not this time. This time Iʼm keeping the book! No, itʼs not just because the Dalai Llama likes it, because he does. He endorsed it, and heʼs no dummy. No, itʼs because I actually enjoyed it!

My Monster Within

My Monster Within

Sally tells me that the first book she ever made in this eight book series was based on a conversation we had when I was around 7 years old. I was being a very, very bad student in the class.. not listening, talking back to her, joking and shouting and Sally had done everything she could do to try to bring me under control but nothing was working. Finally, as a last resort, she decided to ask me why. “Why are you being so naughty?’'

The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary Phd.

The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary Phd.

Without realizing, we so often endorse our children for their actions, rather than for just being. Celebrating our children’s being means allowing them to exist without the snares of our expectations. It’s to revel in their existence without them having to do a single thing, prove anything, or accomplish any kind of goal.

No matter how it manifests, our children’s essence is pure and loving. When we honor this essence, they trust we understand that their internal world is good and worthy, regardless of what manifests externally. Our ability to stay connected to their essence, holding steady through those periods in which their external world may be falling apart, conveys the message that they are of immense value. 

Wildmind Reviews “Now I Know That Silly Hopes and Fears Will Just Make Wrinkles on My Face”

This lovely children’s book has been test-driven by my five-year-old daughter, and found to be engaging and illuminating. In my amateur estimation it would be suitable for children considerably older — at least up to the age of eight or nine.

Now I Know (the full title is “Now I Know That Silly Hopes and Fears Will Just Make Wrinkles on My Face”) is the first of a series, also called Now I Know, described as a “Collection of Retro Cool Wisdom for Kids.” This series of children’s books is written and illustrated by Sally Devorsine, who lives in Bhutan, where she teaches a western school curriculum to young monks.

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Catherine Ingram

At a time when children’s imaginations are usurped by fast media on multiple devices, books may seem a message in a bottle from another world and another time. But they are perhaps one of the healthiest forms of information for children and especially when those books carry a message, helping a child to understand right and wrong, kindness, self-acceptance, dignity. Chocolate Sauce provides a line of children’s books based on ancient and modern wisdom teachings that open a child’s mind to wonder and the greater good and uses contemporary examples to do so.

Dr. Kenneth Porter

The most important thing any of us can do to help a child is to help her have the courage to be true to her deepest self. Spirituality at its core – whatever the path or school – is about helping us to discover our true identity. Therefore spiritual guidance is the single most important gift we can give our children. I commend Shelley and her contribution with Chocolate Sauce.

Reclaiming Our Sense of Self in a Globalized World

The word "globalization" rings in most people's ears as a signal of our advancement, the recognition of our limitless ability to create and have -- beyond measure -- anything we want.

A Delta advert on the subway reads, "A larger network makes a smaller world." So our world appears smaller, and not only does it fill us with a feeling of extended opportunity, but we assume that it is in our best interests. 

One Million Children Meditate

One Million Children Meditate

Honoring the practice of cultivating a peaceful heart one million children assembled at the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand to meditate on how they can make the world a better place.    

The event known as V Star Day is a combination of silent reflection, prayer and joyful singing after which the children get to use the rest of the school year to practice activities in which they will be of service and benefit to others.

Gross National Happiness: The Key to a More Inspired Future?

As we look forward to what we seek to accomplish at the beginning of this new decade, isn't now a good time to advocate a different type of framework for living, a new prosperity, one that is simply more evolved in its vision and can lead to a greater sense of subjective well-being?

In Bhutan, the emphasis on an economy that serves its culture based on spiritual values rather than material gain has long been the basis for the quality of life of the Bhutanese people.

St James Independent School

Shelley Lewis, daughter of St. James’ benefactor and ex-governor, Brian Lewis, was welcomed to the school in October. She wanted to talk to the pupils about philosophy. Shelley has recently founded a new boutique publishing company for children called Chocolate Sauce. Her company philosophy promotes the importance of looking within to find fulfillment and meaning in one’s life, and the books she publishes are designed to nourish the soul, brighten the spirit, waken the mind, and warm the heart. 

She was very interested to hear the children’s thoughts on philosophy and asked to return to St. James to make a video of their conversations. The children enjoyed meeting her and reading the books published by her company, which she has donated to the school.

VIVIENNE HARR at Books Inc. Laurel Village

VIVIENNE HARR at Books Inc. Laurel Village

With accolades including being voted as one of “America’s 50 Most Influential Philanthropists" by Town & Country, one of “15 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2015” by Entrepreneur, and being the youngest-ever delegate of The Clinton Global Initiative, globally influential eleven-year-old philanthropist Vivienne Harrshares her incredible story with the beautiful and inspiring book about how big things have small beginnings, Make a Stand: When Life Gives You Lemons, Change the World!

Contrast of Abundance

Arriving in one of the poorest countries in the world is, to say the least, shocking. I could not imagine how anyone could possibly live on less than one dollar a day and survive, and I had certainly abandoned any idea of them enjoying a decent quality of life. 

Amongst the colorful chaos of the brightly lit streets in Dhaka, Bangladesh, traffic moves left, then right, then left again, in a cataclysmic array of madness. The legless beg. The children play, and the seven year olds walk to work. My senses bombarded by the onslaught and novelty of a culture so unique to my own. Yet, amidst this chaos, this apparent display of destitution, there seemed to exist a subtle, all pervading peace, the kind of peace one finds when one is not always struggling to be better than, to become more.

The Love Secret

Dear Friend,

The month of love, hooray.  All of a sudden I see the end of Winter in sight and I fantasize about the beginnings of early Spring. I imagine myself walking outside without a ten-pound coat on and I flip through Vogue to see which style bikini will suit me next season. For all of five minutes, I am totally blissful.

Love according to Science, isn’t this long lasting continually present emotion that sustains a marriage, instead love is a connection that is characterized by a flood of positive emotions “ micro-moments of positive resonance.” 

What Inspires Your Life?

My Dear Friend,

I am writing to you from Paris on my birthday week, having brought myself here to quite honestly, spoil myself a little, to fill my cup with all the sweetness and beauty of this special place that never fails to inspire me.

We’re constantly in a process of reinvention, especially as women, if we are determined to live an awakened life in conscious pursuit of what we love, each day gives us the opportunity to achieve greatness.