Once Upon a Time, a short time after September 11th, 2001, a young girl with a big vision set up a company with a specific goal in mind: to put back the Yumminess in a World where it was so quickly disappearing. She asked one question: How can we, at such a crucial time, nurture the Hearts and Minds of Children everywhere who will be responsible for the future of Our World?

She decided to use as a guiding principle a special quote that her father gave her as a child inscribed on a small card. It read: “Only one Life that soon is passed: "Only what’s Done with Love will Last.”

She made it her goal to create books and stories that nourished the minds and hearts of children everywhere; celebrated the beauty of the human spirit; bridged cultures across the world; fostered a sense of hope, commitment and responsibility amongst all people; empowered people to live in harmony with themselves and the rest of the world. 


Our Founding Project... A Key to the Heart

Thank you to the First Lady Laura Bush and Mrs. J.K.Rowling for supporting our vision and to Mercy Corps for helping us distribute the books to the children on the ground in Afghanistan.